Porsche 911 T Coupé


Car-ID: OT0081
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
2,195 CCM (92 KW / 125 BHP)
Manual transmission
6,631 mls

Vehicle Description

This 1971 F-model Porsche 911 T is a real barn find! The burgundy red sports car was brought back to light after a long time and re-imported to Germany; originally it had been delivered to America.

The car is in a fascinating original condition and comes with the attractive Fuchs wheels. The black leatherette interior is complete except for the missing rear shelf. The driver’s seat is damaged. The original radio is on board.

Owner’s manual, service booklet and several repair receipts are available.

Technically the Porsche is almost entirely complete, however, due to the long storage period it is currently not ready to drive. What with the existing original substance, this is a perfect restoration project for someone who still has space in the garage.

In the late 1950s, Porsche began to develop a successor to the 356, as it had been produced virtually unchanged since 1950 and was technically no longer up-to-date. The new model should be superior to its predecessor in all areas, without sacrificing the typical Porsche design. It made its debut in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, labelled Porsche 901. Due to naming rights claims by Peugeot, the “0” in the centre was replaced by a “1”, so that in 1964, the car entered the market as Porsche 911, with a 2-litre six-cylinder boxer engine.

In 1966, Porsche expanded its model range to three models. The models T, L (later replaced by the designation E) and S differed mainly in terms of engine performance and the features’ list. The 911 T was the entry-level. the 911 S the top model. In 1969 the engine capacity was expanded from 1,991 cc to 2,195 cc. Two years later, there was a further increase in displacement to 2,341 cc. The power output of the engines went up accordingly, so that the top model, the 911 S, took to the streets with 140 kW (190 hp). It should also be mentioned that the wheelbase grew by 5.7 cm as of 1968.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Black
  • Leatherette

Exterior Features

  • Red

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