Auction date 19 October 2019, 3 pm
Classicbid Centre
Grolsheim, Germany

The prices quoted below are “reserve prices”. As a rule, the auctioneer will accept bids from approximately 20 % below reserve. If the highest bid remains under reserve, the knockdown is “subject to reservation”, i.e. the consent of the consignor (= owner) is required. If the reserve is met or exceeded in the auction, there is a so-called “direct knockdown”, which means a purchase is made in any case.
Please note that a surcharge of 10 % on the hammer price is levied in the auction.

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Auction date 10. December 2016
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1 vehicles matching your criteria.
  • 141,300 km
  • 1994

In Auction

  • Car-ID: OT0298
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