BMW 840 Ci


Car-ID: OT0140
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
4,398 CCM (210 KW / 286 BHP)
103,000 mls

Vehicle Description

This is one of only 3,075 BMW 840 Ci ever made that have the M62B44 engine installed, which produces 210 kW (286 hp) of power from 4.4 litres of capacity. It is a beautiful and well-maintained specimen with an unwarranted mileage of 103,000 mls that has recently been re-imported from the US.
Silver on the outside, it features a light grey leather interior with bicolour door linings, black dashboard and wood centre console, all in good condition with only minor traces of use.
The car shows re-painting and small blemishes, but the overall impression is very favourable.
Oil loss on the engine and servo pump are visible.
The BMW runs on 17″ alloys with only minor kerb scratches. As was common for all E31, the features’ list is long and includes trip computer, cruise control, dual-zone climate control, dual airbags, electrically adjustable seats with memory function, tinted windows, power sunroof and a cd changer.
By the way, do you know how to tell whether an E31 has the V8 or the V12 engine installed – apart from the lettering, of course? It’s the quad exhaust pipes that give it away: This one has round exhausts, therefore it’s an 840 Ci. The ones on the V12 would be square.
After almost 20 years, this is a modern classic that is bound to hold its own.

1.8 tons of German cutting-edge technology of the 1990s

The BMW 8 series (E31) was much more than merely the successor to the evergreen 6 series (E24). The Gran Turismo was larger, heavier and it was jam-packed with electronic assistance systems and features which were highly exotic 25 years ago – though many have since become commonplace. Then there’s the 12 cylinder engine, something no German Gran Turismo had boasted for half a century. The 8 series was BMW’s flagship model of the 1990s, a supercar that was set to demonstrate what was technically possible.

It failed to sell as expected. The 1990s brought a global recession and the Gulf War. Energy prices soared. Even people who weren’t scared off by the hefty price tag often considered the 850i a bit too far over the top. BMW reacted and brought on an 8-cylinder variant in 1993, the 840 Ci. But even including this model, no more than 31,062 units of the E31 were built over a full decade, so the 8 series has always been a rare sight. Now that the 8 series is on the verge to become a classic, prices have left the vale of tears behind and make the car an promising investment.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Grey
  • Leather

Exterior Features

  • Silver

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