Jaguar XJS Cabrio

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€ 31,500.-

Car-ID: OT0186
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
5,343 CCM (196 KW / 267 BHP)
60,700 km

Vehicle Description

A refined Jaguar XJS Convertible for individualists
– Powerful V12 5.4 litre engine with 267 hp
– The new car was delivered with a full Arden conversion including bodykit, upgraded suspension and cooling system
– Cruise control, trip computer, and power windows
– GM Turbo Hydramatic, 3-speed automatic gearbox
– Engine control unit upgrade
– 16″ Arden alloy wheels
– Imported from Japan via England to Germany
– Japanese service history for 1992,1995, 1998, 2003, 2005 and 2008
– Last technical control (MoT) 2016 in England
– Original owner’s manual available

The 90s luxury “Big Cat” Made in U.K.

One of the 1980/90s top trumps!

With “Cylinders: V12”, it beat them all, or almost. A winning type, therefore – despite being eyed with rather a lot of suspicion at its presentation – hardly surprising, after all, being the heir to an undisputed cult object such as the Jaguar E-Type is certainly no easy game to play.
And yet it has managed, in its very own way. Precisely by being different: Massive, refined, courageous, sporty only at second glance – a bit quirky even, a car for individualists. And they honored it, kept buying the distinctive upper-class coupé for over two decades. During this period, the modifications took place almost exclusively underneath the sheets: Never change a winning, er, cat. A convertible variant only became available in 1988, when the XJS had already been on the market for 13 years.
Even with the straight 6 engines, the big cat was far from underpowered and owing to its innovative chassis, sports car connoisseurs can still feel like winners today.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Black
  • Leather

Exterior Features

  • Black

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