Dodge Coronet


Car-ID: XT0026
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
5,913 CCM (227 KW / 308 BHP)
38,800 mls

Vehicle Description

With this bicolour Dodge Coronet four-door sedan, a striking full-sized American road cruiser is coming up for auction! Built in 1958, it is a 4th generation Coronet with an unwarranted mileage of 38,800 mls, which according to the previous owner may well be original. The car comes in what’s stated to be an unrestored original condition inside and out. It still bears most of its original paintwork in bright and dark grey and its original trim. The front left wing has a visible dent. At the rear section, traces of not expertly repaired previous damages remain.
In accordance with the taste of its era, the Dodge is heavily decorated with lots of chrome, which is in good condition. It also features the characteristic swept-wing design, which was only used on the 1957-1959 Dodge models.
According to the previous owner, the 5.9 litre Firebolt V8 engine is installed, which produces up to 227 kW (308 hp) of power. The advertising brochure claims that it “unleashes a hurricane of power” and “tames a tornado of torque”… This Coronet comes with the “TorqueFlite” 3-speed automatic gearbox which is controlled by push-buttons to the left of the steering wheel.
To quote the brochure once again: “You rule the road in a Swept-Wing Dodge”.

Dodge had been owned by the Chrysler Corporation for just over two decades, when the Coronet was introduced in 1949. It was built as a full-size car over three generations with only minor modifications until 1956, and after a more radical redesign for the fourth generation from 1957 till 1959. Later Coronets from 1965 to 1976 were mid-sized models. The Coronet trim originally designated the highest level, with Wayfarer and Meadowbrook below. In 1954, it was mid-level between Meadowbrook and Royal, and in 1955 it finally became the entry level, with Royal and Custom Royal above it.
The first generation models came with a 3.8 litre straight six cylinder engine providing 77 kW (103 hp), later generations also had V8 engine options with up to 250 kW (340 hp). Coronet body types of the full-size era included 4-door sedan, station wagon and 2-door coupé, but no convertible variants, which were reserved for the Royal trim levels.
The fourth generation models are identified by what was marketed as “swept-wing mastery of motion”, a heavily chromed and tailfinned rear section. The 1959 year Dodge was said to wear more chrome than the same year’s Cadillac.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Beige
  • Fabric

Exterior Features

  • Grey

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