Volvo PV 544


Car-ID: XT0044
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
1,775 CCM (70 KW / 95 BHP)
Manual transmission
70,500 km

Vehicle Description

Eight years ago, this Volvo PV 544 was imported from Sweden. Its new owner treated it to a complete engine overhaul by Buttkereit at Duisburg – the acknowledged Volvo specialists. The Hunchback received an engine upgrade to the B18D specifications, which means an engine capacity of 1,800 cc, two SU carburettors, cylinder head suited for unleaded fuel, Mahle pistons, steel spur wheels and crank shaft seals. With this, it is at least on a par with the “Sports” version. For historic car rallyes, a rev counter and Tripmaster timer have also been fitted. This Volvo has taken part in the Histo-Monte, the Heidelberg Classic and the Hamburg-Berlin, among others.

The car benefits from a partial restoration some time ago and presents itself in good shape: A recent Classic Data short appraisal states a “condition: 2”. The interior is well kept with slight patina. The original radio is on board and 3-point seatbelts are fitted. Outside, the Volvo shows beginnings of rust on windows, door frames and bonnet and minor stone chip damage, all completely in keeping with the age of the car.

The 544 comes with revised brake system, technical approval valid till 05/2017 and a set of winter tyres. Historic plates have already been issued. A truly authentic car, ready to embark on the next classic car rallye.

With this car, Volvo earned itself the reputation as maker of somewhat idiosyncratically styled, but extremely robust, safe and reliable cars: the PV 444/ 544, commonly referred to as the “Hunchback Volvo”. Designed in the early years of WWII, the PV 444 was introduced in 1944 and mass-produced as of 1947. It was Volvo’s first unibody car and their first in almost 20 years that featured a 4-cylinder engine, with originally 1.4 litres, later 1.6 litres of displacement.
The popular car was redesigned as PV 544 in 1958, now featuring a curved one-piece windscreen, 4-speed gearbox, larger taillights and interior changes. In 1961, a 1.8 litre engine became available, and a 12 V electric system was introduced. Optically “dated but not entirely unattractive”, as a 1963 Road & Track review aptly puts it, the PV 544 remained in production until 1965. Its sturdiness, achieved by the use of rather a lot of heavy-gauge sheet steel, and overall build quality kept it in high esteem even after production was halted.
As early as 1953, a station wagon variant became available, the “Duett” PV 445 (later P 210). It had a conventional ladder frame rather than the unibody of the sedan, which it outlived by another four years.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Blue
  • Leatherette

Exterior Features

  • Blue

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