Car-ID: XT0047
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
2,494 CCM (125 KW / 170 BHP)
Manual transmission
185,000 km

Vehicle Description

“I am loath to let go of this one, but it is getting a bit strenuous…” the previous owner sighed. He was, of course, referring to the high sills which need to be overcome by everybody that wants to enjoy the ultimate driving experience in this very special roadster.
This specimen, one of only 8,000 Z1 models built, is not in a too-good-to-drive condition. It is, however, an honest car which has given its previous owners plenty of joy on the road. While still wearing its original coat of paint, it doesn’t attempt to hide scratches, minor blemishes and stone chip damage.
The roof is said to have been renewed in 2013. The front indicators have been replaced – using the last ones available in all of Europe, according to the consignor. A new odometer has been fitted at 135,000 km, so the unwarranted total mileage amounts to 185,000 km. A cold start valve for Euro 2 has been installed. New brakes were fitted two years ago.
The engine runs very smooth and all mechanical parts – windows, retractable doors, convertible top – are reportedly in good working order. The interior is in a well-kept state for its age, with visible, but not overly pronounced traces of use. The original BMW “Business CD” radio is on board.
A rare and very appealing roadster, fun to drive and with great appreciation potential.

For an even more open drive, you’d need a motor-bike!

The BMW Z1, presented at the Frankfurt car fair In 1987 and produced from 1989 to 1991 in a limited small series of only 8,000 units, is a first-rate eye-catcher, which is mainly due to its exciting body with retractable doors. They make getting into the car a bit of a challenge for less mobile citizens, however, they allow for a convertible feeling of a lifetime, for they may even stay down while driving!

The Z1 was a technology demonstrator with distinctive features such as the front mid-engine, the completely, in one piece, galvanized chassis, the body parts made of thermoplastic material or fibreglass and the completely smooth underbody.

The extremely stiff chassis combined with the 170 hp six-cylinder make the Z1 a driving machine that turns each serpentine route into a feast for the senses.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Black
  • Leather

Exterior Features

  • Red

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