Ford Taunus 15 M

Fixed price

€ 22,000.-

Car-ID: XT0301
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
1,498 CCM (44 KW / 55 BHP)
Manual transmission
69,700 km

Vehicle Description

– Ford Taunus 15M “Globe Taunus” from first year of production, 1955
– completely restored 2013-2015, invoices over € 40 k, photo documentation available
– eligible for the Mille Miglia (in 1957, a Ford Taunus 15M was victorious in the class TS 1600)
– 2017/2018 upgraded for Mille Miglia participation 2018
– engine revised, brakes improved, new tyres (invoices over € 7,500)
– FIVA card and original operating manual
– successful participation in the Hamburg-Berlin Classics 2017, winner class 2 (1940-1955)
– expert appraisal from 2015 states a replacement value of € 32,000 (condition 2+)
– German registration documents and historic plates
– technical approval until 05/2019

In 1952, Ford began building the M series. The first model, the 12M – the number 12 derived from the engine capacity of 1.2 litres, while M stood for masterpiece (“Meisterstück” in German) – replaced the outdated “hunchback Taunus” and was the first new design of the Cologne plant after the war. The M series (1952-1959) featured a modern ponton body in a monocoque construction and was nicknamed “globe Taunus” (“Weltkugeltaunus”) due to the miniature globe on top of the grille. Power came from a petrol engine with 28 kW (38 hp), which sent drive to the rear wheels by means of a three-speed transmission with steering column-mounted gear selector. In order to be able to offer a vehicle in the middle class segment, the 15M was added to the Taunus model range between 1955 and 1959. The new engine now had – for the first time with Ford – hanging valves and produced 44 kW (55 hp) from 1.5 litres of capacity. There were also slight visual changes, such as a wider radiator grille and larger tail lights. As of September 1955, there was a deLuxe version with a modified radiator grille, two-colour paintwork and other extras. In total, over 247,000 of the 12M and almost 128,000 of the 15M were produced. By the way, at the last original Mille Miglia in 1957, a Ford Taunus 15M achieved the class victory.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Beige
  • Fabric

Exterior Features

  • Beige

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