Our auction and exhibition centre offers a unique experience space for everything associated with classic cars. Approximately 150 vehicles are displayed on a regular basis in an area covering over 9,000 square metres. Ranging from classic and vintage cars to unusual vehicles, you will find automobiles to inspire you. With our showroom, the workshop area and the additional parking spaces in the building, we can offer you optimal conditions to market your vehicle in our centre. Additionally our showroom can also be used as an event location.

Do you want to see the jewels in our showroom for yourself? Then come to Grolsheim near Bingen am Rhein, we would be delighted to arrange a viewing appointment with you for.

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Classicbid Zentrum Rheinhessen
Zur Galeria 1
55459 Grolsheim
Tel: +49 6727 89718-100
E-Mail: info@classicbid.de

We also are offering all visitors to the centre and the surrounding area a culinary experience in the ClassicX- Café and Restaurant, which is enriching the gastronomic landscape in the area.


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