Buick Special


Car-ID: XT0022
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
5,965 CCM (184 KW / 250 BHP)
59,823 mls

Vehicle Description

This 1958 vintage Buick Special is as american as apple-pie, and shows all the styling cues of the late fifties: Lots of chrome ornaments, lights and fins reminiscent of rocketships…. completely in tune with the zeitgeist of its era. It is also a specimen of the last year of production: Even though there were cars sold under the name of “Buick Special” again after 1961, they were mid-sized and had nothing much to do with the full-sized Specials of the 50s.

According to the previous owner, this 4-door sedan has been comprehensively restored in Europe, with great emphasis placed on genuinity, including a re-paint in the original Buick 1958 colour “reef coral” (2864). The exterior and interior of this impressive car are in a beautiful condition, that includes the numerous chrome parts. Technically, too, this car is in good shape. It has the top-of-the range V8 installed, a 6.0 litre engine with a power output of 184 kW (250 hp), mated to an automatic transmission with steering-column mounted selector lever.

The Buick is being offered with Belgian EU documents and Belgian historic registration.

The Buick Special, as presented in 1936, was originally a makeover of the 40-series, the company’s entry level full-size car. It was built with slight modifications until 1949, with a 4-year break during WWII. In 1949, the Special was equipped with an entirely new body. Styling cues of the era included the “VentiPorts”, decorative chromed portholes on the flanks, and “Sweepspear”, a chromed curved trim line along the side of the car.

Engine-wise, no less than five engines were offered over the 9 years’ production span, beginning with two generations of straight eight, and followed by three generations of V8 engines, with capacities rising from an original 4.1 to a full 6.0 litres for the later models.

The Special was available as 2-door coupe, sedan and convertible, as well as 4-door sedan, station wagon and convertible. By the mid-50s, the Buick Special had become one of the best selling passenger cars of America.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Black
  • Fabric

Exterior Features

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