Buick Series 50 Super Sedan


Car-ID: XT0030
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
4,065 CCM (86 KW / 117 BHP)
Manual transmission
75,200 km

Vehicle Description

“It’s long, it’s low, it’s lithe and lean”, the 1948 brochure crooned while describing the Buick Super. And sure enough, this postwar beauty is a very elegant sight indeed. As a 1948 vintage, it is one of the last of its kind, when the next generation was about to be launched the year after.
This one is a rare specimen which according to the last owner comes in an unrestored, original condition. The Buick was – and that makes it really special – originally delivered to Europe, which is why it has a kilometre odometer. And what a gorgeous one, with its optimistic scaling up to 180 km/h…

The Super has a straight-eight cylinder engine installed under its sideways opening bonnet, which delivers up to 86 kW (117 hp) to the road by means of a steering-column mounted 3-speed manual gearshift. The Buick has lots of chrome in a condition appropriate for its age, runs on white sidewall tyres and looks as Super as befits its name, in its dark blue paint, some minor dents and scratches notwithstanding. The interior has a charming patina that just looks appropriate for a car with 67 years of age.

The Buick Super comes with Belgian registration documents.
Late 1940s cars like this don’t come up for auction every day. Don’t miss your chance!

The Buick Super, as presented in 1940, was the model placed one step above the Special, or 40-series, the company’s entry level full-size car. The first generation was built for merely two years, when what we today would call a major “facelift” was applied. The result was the 2nd generation, which was produced with slight modifications until 1948, with a 4-year break during WWII, when all car building capacities throughout America were diverted to military vehicles. Immediately before that, the 1942 Buick model range showed no less than six lines, with the Special, Extra Special, Super, Century, Roadmaster and Limited, each with its unique wheel base, from 118 to 139 inches.
The Super came with a straight eight cylinder engine with 4.1 litres, which had a power output of up to 86 kW (117 hp). Available body styles included 2-door convertible and coupé, 4-door sedan and, in the 1942 to 1948 model years, a 4-door station wagon variant. The Super was advertised to have “legroom and headroom to spare, front or back” for six passengers.
The pre-war models already had the Buick Sonomatic Radio as an extra, featuring five push buttons which could be set to desired radio stations – mechanically, with the help of a small coin.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Beige
  • Fabric

Exterior Features

  • Blue

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