Zimmer Quicksilver


Car-ID: XT0440
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
2,800 CCM (104 KW / 141 BHP)
16,500 km

Vehicle Description

An amazing eye-catcher: 4.8 m long sports coupé with transverse V6 mid-engine and 3-speed automatic transmission
– according to information 3 owners
– German approval in April 2015
– Historic license approval since June 2019
– valid technical control (MOT) until 04/2021
– Appraisal (€ 29.000) from 2020, grade 2
– chromed spoked wheels
– original Delko-GM radio, immobilizer, central locking
– Leather seats and headliner new covered
– new battery + air conditioner refilled in 2020
– Shock absorbers in front and complete brakes in front and rear, door rubbers renewed
– original manual

The “Zimmer Motor Cars Corporation”, a manufacturer of neoclassical automobiles, was founded in 1980 in Pampona Beach, Florida by Paul H. Zimmer. The economic peak was reached in the late 1980s with 25 million US dollars in annual sales and 175 employees.
The vehicle production essentially comprised two model series, the equipment of which largely corresponded to customer requirements.
The “Golden Spirit” was created as a two-door variant based on a Ford Mustang.
The “Quick Silver”, a mid-engine sports coupé based on a Pontiac Fiero, a body made of GRP, but with a 40 cm extended front, the prominent, chrome-plated front grille and the pop-up headlights. In a total of 4 years (1984 – 1988) production time, around 170 vehicles were built.
Prominent owners of a “Quick Silver” were among others the world famous singers / actors, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton.
After the founder’s serious illness, the company went bankrupt. In 1997 Art Zimmer (not related to the founding Zimmer family) took over the naming rights and ran the company until it was dissolved in 2018.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Leather
  • Red

Exterior Features

  • Black

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