Peugeot 202 Berline Luxe


Car-ID: XT0035
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
1,133 CCM (22 KW / 30 BHP)
Manual transmission
89,000 km

Vehicle Description

This is a rare pre-war beauty: A Peugeot 202, built in 1939, which makes it an early model.According to the chassis number, it would be one of the first 5,000 of its kind. What is most amazing about this example is that it comes with complete history and is according to its previous owner in an unrestored original condition with contemporary adaptions regarding indicators and rear lights.
The car was reportedly driven by a lady from the Paris surroundings for 20 years, then passed on to her nephew who only got it out of its garage on a day registration once a year. The previous owner bought it in France in 1996, obtained historic plates and maintained it appropriately, carefully preserving the valuable interior with its original upholstery and art-deco seat covers.
Rear window shades with “remote control”, sun visors and roof rack (currently detached) are among the features of this vintage car.
The over 75 year old Peugeot bears scratches, dents and traces of use which the previous owner deliberately left untouched, as they add to the charming patina of this historic vehicle. By the way, people unfamiliar with this car wouldn’t even be able to start the engine, since the 202 is devoid of an ignition lock.
There are only about 200 of these cars left, so it will be next to impossible to find another in a similar condition to this one!

Streamlining became very much in vogue in the mid-1930s. The powerful and prestigious express locomotives of the era were streamlined, and of course car manufacturers followed suit. Peugeot can even be seen as a pioneer, having a large streamlined family sedan – the 402 – in their lineup as early as 1935. It featured a sloping front grille behind which the headlights and the battery were positioned, flowing lines devoid of running-boards and covered rear wheel arches. These styling cues were carried over into the slightly smaller 302, released in 1936, as well as the even more compact 202, available as of 1938 and quickly becoming the most successful of the three models.
While optically more avant-garde than Citroën’s Traction Avant, the Peugeot was technically on the conservative side, sticking to a separate chassis configuration rather than the monocoque structure of its main rival. The engine, a 1133 cc water-cooled four-cylinder, was up-to-date, giving 22 kW (30 hp) of power, sufficient for a top speed of 100 km/h. Post-war models had hydraulic brakes and a redesigned dashboard.
Apart from a disruption during WWII, the 202 was built until 1949, reaching a total of 104,126 units, around 200 are said to have survived.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Beige
  • Fabric

Exterior Features

  • Black

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