BMW 316 (E30) Baur-Cabrio TC2


Car-ID: XT0202
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
1,754 CCM (66 KW / 90 BHP)
Manual transmission
193,600 km

Vehicle Description

– rare BMW 316 Baur convertible TC2
– first registered in 1987, at a time when the factory convertible was already available
– only two German owners from new
– lambda-controlled catalytic converter retrofitted
– 2015/2016 around € 1,000 invested on repair and maintenance
– new windshield sealing frame, new noise-absorbing mats, new fan belt
– oil change, underbody cavity sealing with Fluidoil
– new set of tyres on the original BMW alloys
– gray velours interior with more pronounced traces of use on driver’s seat
– valid technical approval until 01/2019 and historic plates
– Baur Topcabrio, the more extraordinary way of E30 open-top motoring

BMW’s 2nd generation of the 3 series, the E30, replaced its popular predecessor in 1982. With its straight lines, Claus Luthe – who had penned the timeless NSU Ro 80 – created a car that perfectly catered to the taste of its era. The handsome and well-built cars with their wonderfully smooth engines were originally available as 2- and 4-door sedans. As early as 1983, the Baur company at Stuttgart produced a convertible which was distributed through BMW’s official retailers – as had been the case with the predecessor E21. With its fixed window frames and the roll bar, it featured typical 1980s styling cues. The official name was “TC2”, which meant it was the second edition of Baur’s “top cabrio”. Demand was satisfactory – until two years later, BMW presented their own convertible, the first in 15 years. In its completely open state, devoid of the aforementioned bars and beams, it was considered more elegant than the Baur version and became an immediate sales success. Baur – who ironically had designed the factory E30 convertible – continued to offer the TC2 until 1991, albeit with limited success. In the end, 10,865 Baur TC2 had been assembled, making up less than 10 % of the 140,000 factory convertibles. It is precisely this infrequence which nowadays makes a well-kept Baur convertible a sought-after alternative.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Grey
  • Velours

Exterior Features

  • Grey
  • Metallic

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