Opel Diplomat B


Car-ID: XT0512
Model, Body type:
Engine Power:
5,303 CCM (169 KW / 230 BHP)
81,400 km

Vehicle Description

The German upper class street cruiser from Opel
– Very rare Opel Diplomat B from the last year of production 1977
– GM Chevrolet (327) small block V8-engine with 5.4 litres displacement and powerful 230 hp
– 3-speed automatic transmission
– Fancy color combination in jadegreen-metallic with black vinyl roof + red corduroy-suede interior
– Mechanical sunroof
– The interior as well as the exterior are in a mediocre overall condition
– This Diplomat needs quite some care and attention to regain its former splendour
– The vehicle belongs to a private estate
– Original owner’s manual available
– German registration, Oldtimer admission + valid technical control (MOT) until 01/2022

Opel was, in the early days of the German federal republic, a renowned manufacturer not just of affordable cars, but also of luxury sedans, outselling Mercedes-Benz in the 1950s. This changed for the worse in the 1960s, from Opel’s point of view. In 1964, a completely new series of large 6-cylinder sedans was presented. Available as three different models, named Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat, these were effectively badge-engineered versions of the same car with different trim levels. While being universally praised as being modern, well-engineered and sold at a fair price, they failed to gain the market recognition they deserved. Not even the V8 variant, sourced from GM partner Chevrolet, could provide the required prestige. After four years and nearly 90,000 built units, Opel gave its KAD series a thorough makeover, easily recognised by their vertical front indicators (Kapitän, Admiral) or vertical headlights (Diplomat). This so-called B series remained in production until 1977, but no more than 51,000 vehicles were built. Great cars beyond any doubt, Opel’s big three can retrospectively be counted among the most underrated German luxury sedans of all times. The KAD series was discontinued in July 1977.

Vehicle Overview

Interior Features

  • Fabric
  • Red

Exterior Features

  • Green
  • Metallic

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